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  • 20 Feb 2022

    Compostable Mailers | The New Eco-Friendly Way to Ship

    By Mona

    Compostable Mailers: The New Eco-Friendly Way to Ship Orders Ever thought of switching to a more environmentally friendly shipping package like compostable mailers? Compostable poly mailers can be a tremendous eco-friendly move for your business, no matter what industry you work in. From...

  • 17 Jan 2022

    The 11 Best Trends in E-Commerce for 2022 | CourierGateway

    By Mona

    The 11 Best Trends in E-Commerce for 2022 Every Online Business Owner Should Know The Internet has revolutionized the way people buy goods and services, and with it, e-Commerce. As technology gets more sophisticated and developed, new trends in e-Commerce tend to emerge rapidly. So, to stay...

  • 14 Dec 2021

    How to Win Customers Back with an Abandoned Cart Email | CourierGateway

    By Mona

    E-commerce Abandoned Cart Email: How to Get Customers Back on Your Online Store ???? Calling all e-commerce business owners! Have you ever felt frustrated that visitors could abandon their digital cart on your website, even though your checkout is as shiny and practical as possible? Well,...

  • 17 Nov 2021

    The 11 Most Common Reasons for Digital Shopping Cart Abandonment | CourierGateway

    By Mona

    The 11 Most Common Reasons for Digital Shopping Cart Abandonment Why don't they buy? It's a question that many online retailers ask themselves when they notice that their shopping cart abandonment rate is higher than they would like... You might have read in our previous post why...

  • 26 Oct 2021

    7 Tips on How to Recover Shopping Cart Abandonment

    By Mona

    Why Is Shopping Cart Abandonment a Problem for Retailers and 7 Ways to Help Customers Complete Their Purchases  You're almost there. You can see it live on your Google Analytics account. A customer is making a purchase on your website. Yayyy, a new sal... and nope. Another abandoned...

  • 19 Oct 2021

    How Buyer Reviews Can Genuinely Help Your Online Business

    By Mona

    How Buyer Review Can Genuinely Help Your Online Business Buyer reviews are not always a bad thing. As luck would have it, buyer feedback, reviews, and ratings are good for both buyers and sellers alike! Don't you agree that buyer reviews and ratings can be a blessing in...

  • 12 Oct 2021

    7 Ways to Create a Checkout Page Design That Converts

    By Mona

    The Best Way to Create a Checkout Page Design That Converts Designing the checkout process for user experience For users, the worst thing about online shopping is not having any problems with the product; it's having problems with the checkout process. That's why designers spend...

  • 06 Oct 2021

    11 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Online Store |

    By Mona

    The Top 11 Ways to Increase Online Sales on your Website In this fast-paced eCommerce industry, converting visitors into customers is an ongoing goal for every e-business. No sales equals, no money. So, if you’re looking for ways to increase your online sales, then this blog post is for...

  • 28 Sep 2021

    19 eCommerce Stats Every Online Store Owner Should Know |

    By Mona

    The 19 Most Important eCommerce Facts that Every Online Store Owner Should Know It's safe to say that eCommerce is here to stay. With the rapid growth of online shopping, it’s hard for brick-and-mortar stores not to feel the pressure. But even though more people are buying products...

  • 21 Sep 2021

    Ground Shipping, The Who, What & Why by |

    By Mona

    The pros and cons of choosing ground shipping Shipping is a huge part of any eCommerce business. It can feel like you're always paying more for shipping than the actual product itself. So why not offer different types of ground shipping options? You might think that offering more...

  • 14 Sep 2021

    9 Shipping Methods To Help You Save and Grow

    By Mona

    Which Shipping Method Should You Choose? It's true that there are many different shipping methods available, but how do YOU know which one to choose? Do you want to offer free shipping? Or ship your product to arrive in 2 days? Or 3-7 business days? Is it time-sensitive and needs to...

  • 07 Sep 2021

    Save Big with Economy Shipping

    By Mona

    What is Economy Shipping and How can it Help you Save Big on Shipping Costs? If you want to run a successful e-commerce business, then shipping is one of the most important factors. And we know it's not always easy to figure out what shipping way is best for your business. With its low...

  • 31 Aug 2021

    Expedited Shipping: The What, Why and How

    By Mona

    Expedited Shipping: A guide to shipping items quickly Let's face it: When it comes to shipping, one of the key elements that influence businesses and customers' choice is the delivery time. And we can all agree that, the lower it is, the better it is! So today, we want to share with...

  • 24 Aug 2021

    A Quick and Simple Guide to Shipping Packages

    By Mona

    ??A Quick and Simple Guide to Shipping Packages Packing up a package for shipping can be a daunting task. Even if you are shipping something small and lightweight, the process still takes time to get it done correctly. Shipping packages is an important aspect of any business that sells...

  • 17 Aug 2021

    Shipping and Logistics: What's the Difference?

    By Mona

    Shipping Logistics: What's the Difference & Does it Even Matter? Shipping and logistics are two terms that you will hear a lot when it comes to shipping goods. But what is the difference between shipping and logistics? And which one should you be looking at for your business? The...

  • 10 Aug 2021

    Standard Shipping: The Low-Cost Way to Ship

    By Mona

    What is Standard Shipping? The Low-Cost Way to Ship Goods If you’re looking for what standard shipping is for an eCommerce store then this post will help you out! We go over what it means and all the different ways it can be stated. This includes what "standard" delivery might...

  • 04 Aug 2021

    The Pros and Cons of Courier Services

    By Mona

    7 Reasons to Choose a Courier Service. The courier service industry is one of the fastest growing industries and has become a necessary part of e commerce business operations and small businesses that can't afford to be without them. You need couriers for shipping, courier delivery,...

  • 27 Jul 2021

    Drop Shipping in Canada: Get Started, Who to Work With & More!

    By Mona

    Drop Shipping in Canada: Getting Started, The Top Drop Ship Companies to Work With and the Answer to the Burning Question - It's Still Profitable? Are you looking to drop ship in Canada? Do you want to know the best drop shipping companies and how to get started with drop shipping within...

  • 19 Jul 2021

    The Complete Guide to Offering Free Shipping (and Still Make Money)

    By Mona

    The Best Blog Post About Free Shipping: How to Offer It, When is the Right Time and All The Answers You Need! Free shipping is a popular topic. It's one that many people talk about and ask themselves if it's worth the cost. Small businesses need to make a profit to stay in business....

  • 19 Jul 2021

    Thinking About Offering Free Shipping With Shopify? Read This First!

    By Mona

    How free shipping can make your store sales soar on Shopify! Do you want to know one of the secret ingredients of successful Shopify stores? Not only does free shipping increase your customer satisfaction, but it also boosts customer loyalty and creates a positive shopping experience. The...

  • 13 Jul 2021

    10 Secrets to Saving Big on Courier Shipping

    By Mona

    10 Secrets to Saving Big on Courier Shipping for Your Brick and Mortar or Online E commerce Store As a small business owner, you know that every penny counts. But sometimes the costs of shipping can be so high that it puts a strain on your budget and forces you to make some tough...

  • 08 Jul 2021

    How a Platform like Courier Gateway is Making Ecommerce Owners’ Lives Simpler

    By Mona

    21 Tips on how Ecommerce Fulfillment Can Help You Save on Shipping (and how CourierGateway makes it easy to do so)   Ecommerce fulfillment can be a huge headache for ecommerce owners. When you're starting out, it's difficult keeping up with emails, let alone figuring out the...

  • 06 Jul 2021

    Shipping Nightmares | 10 Tips on How to Deal

    By Mona

    10 Shipping Nightmares: What to do when things go oh so wrong! There is nothing more exciting, and potentially stressful than waiting for a package of goodies, or a really important piece of something special to arrive. From the proud small business owner shipping their product across the...

  • 24 Jun 2021

    Demystifying Small Business Shipping

    By Mona

    Everything You Need to Know as a Small Business to Save You Time, Money & Stress! The small business shipping services you use are as important to your small business's profits, as they are to your customer's wallet. From actual weight to dimensional weight to what shipping tools...